Views and Blues on Mainstream News

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The MSM (mainstream media) could be described as Abstract Surrealism with experts, pundits and journalists explaining the fantasy of portrayed events.
Confusing? Concentrate on ”fantasy of portrayed events”?

The MSM showers citizens with fantasies (illusions and delusions) daily. An informed public would not tolerate the prevailing order in which a handful of people determine the course of events affecting billions of people, a handful who terrorize the world with economic exploitation and military confrontation while deteriorating the conditions of the earth and threatening the fate of humanity. Consequently, the handful of people whose rule depends on maintaining the prevailing order must disinform the people with fantasies and myths glorifying the unseen forces maintaining the status quo.

The main myth/fantasy/disinformation:
The US is a freedom-loving democracy. It has some faults, makes mistakes and struggles with problems, but it’s basically a great and good country fighting evil and terrorism in the world.

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Bernie! Bernie! They Never Learnie!

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RustyFireHead8005 Rusty head on fire.
This was posted over five months ago, but now that Bernie has endorsed Hillie I re-post it. Yeh, yeh, I know it’s a way to say. “I told you so.” So don’t vote for me.

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie,
when will they ever learnie?

The appeal of the election circus appears irresistible to the propagandized and marginalized citizens. Desperate for crumbs of hope they dance for change and sing the praises of the latest promiser. How does this one differ from the last one? The one who promised and promised and promised and broke every one as soon as the circus was over, and then went on to make things worse than they had ever been while claiming eloquently to feel everyone’s pain. The pain that spreads and goes so deep that the traumatized and fear-infected citizens dance and sing all over again.

Boys and Girls! The…

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Fat Freddy, Betty Obese and Elegant Ellen

System Humanity

More than 70% of American adults are overweight and over 30% are obese. Waistlines started expanding in the late 50s, picked up speed in the 60s and went into overdrive from the 80s. Diet books surf the waves on the tide of flesh. A smorgasbord of experts, committees, organizations, media articles and TV programs feed off the fat of the land. Fingers greased with political correctness point at Fat Freddy and Betty Obese for eating too much and exercising too little.

Not true!
This picture of Freddy and Betty portrays an obese lie. When a few people become overweight they represent an exception. Today overweight is the norm. The people not overweight are the exceptions. You wouldn’t know this starring at the media where predominantly exceptional (not overweight) people populate the territory in front of cameras.

Freddy and Betty haven’t “grown” fat. They’ve been fattened. They are victims of a…

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Nine Eleven a Dozen Years Ago – Stirred it the Third World War?



The end of the Cold War has lead people to expect “peace dividend”, especially for the Southern Hemisphere. Whoever believed in that should be thoroughly cured from the illusion by now. Anyway, this cure could only be possible if looking at the world as a whole. Those people in the Western world who are not at the lower part of the social strata in large numbers are enjoying their mind killing pampering by “Entertainment” and “Infotainment”. And many times they join in to cheer a war waged for the “safety” of the West (their “world”) and for “Human Rights” and “Democracy”, the later many times bombed into (Non)-existence by depleted uranium covered ammunition. But the media pampered public is many times not aware that their rulers are waging war (in their name) against the world. The public by and large is having the feeling that it´s a “police action”…

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Twin Towers of Forbidden 9/11 Truth

System Humanity



Many people still believe the official story of the Great Crime committed on September 11, 2001. This is partly about those people, partly about the official story, but mainly about the rest of us, the truthers as we often call each other, and the implications of the crime. A false reality should have fallen with the truth, but hasn’t. It’s time for us truthers to step up to the next level.


1. Fundamental Truths
2. Imperial Truth
3. Biological Truths
Patriotic Response
Leadership Orientation
Personal Worth
4. Forbidden Truths
Bad News About Daddy
Good News About Daddy
The Best News

1. Fundamental Truths


The official explanation of the Great Crime committed on 9/11 is as false as the emperor’s new clothes. Even a child can see the difference between a match and a firecracker, between a fire and an explosion. A fourteen-year-old has enough…

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USA And Israel, The „Helpless Giant“ And His „Mad Dog“: Are There More Dirty Secrets?


Introductory Remark:

Emancipatory movements have mighty opponents: the Powerful! The power elites, governments and state organizations have enormous rescources but nevertheless need assessments in lack of certainties many a times. The more does this apply to us, struggling for a more just and peaceful world, but lacking an „intelligence apparatus“. But usually also the most plausible assessments by us are dubbed „conspiracy theories“ by the power´s henchmen in the media. We shouldn´t mind, since we have to assemble puzzles quite often to get a clear picture of the situation.


The Last Empire

The USA are the sole Empire (in the true sense) left. The formal democratic structures hardly cover the fact that a small number of people (maybe 100 to 150) are in the end deciding about the US politics and thus about large parts of this world, rightfully called the „US Power Elite“, though there are some fierce divisions…

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